ALFAHANNE – „Atomvinter“ (2019)

Alfahanne-AtomvinterA review, arriving a little late. Although, is there even anything that is late, if you still don’t know about it, haven’t heard it, or haven’t felt it?! In this case, you haven’t heard „Atomvinter“ or ALFAHANNE as a whole. This review will give you a reason to do it. In a very persistenly quiet, but very „alpha“ way, „Atomvinter“ began taking over its territory in the musical world, all of that during last fall. A brilliant work, which shows eloquently enough, that the boys from Eskilstuna are not only motivated to leave their mark in rock music history – they’re already carving it.

Yes, this is really the band’s best-produced piece to date. The most refined. And while that punk rebellion from their first two albums can still be felt in it, you will for sure feel that deep, gloomy maturity, born somewhere among the compositions in „Det Nya Svarta“. In „Atomvinter“ it is refined to insolently and cynically induced Diabolical Beauty. Confident, relentless gloom, ethereal as a touch from a beautiful dream. Love against indifference. Dedication against denial. All of that is gathered into the collective soul that we all call ALFAHANNE.

Charming magnetism and melodies, which obsess you to the point where it becomes difficult to endure your days without them. The apocalyptic rock of the Swedes is addictive. Because it is real, because it is presented in an extremely professional way, and because it has found the perfect balance between artistic pomposity and the real, sincere art that has come from the depths of the soul and the flame of the heart.

„Atomvinter“ was released on October 4, 2019 via Indie Recordings. Nine gorgeous compositions, which will not make you feel like you wasted your time. On the contrary, they will have overturned every emotion in you. And just like in their other albums, there are guest appearances here, too. Hoest and Nag‘s vocals bring in fresh, vicious spice in the melodical, softly aggressive compositions „Atomvinter“ and „Alla Mot Alla“. „Lovers Against the World“ on the other hand is the most beautiful and devoid of hypocrisy love song/story, which you can ever hear. Not only with its music, but with its lyrics. The rest of the album I will let you uncover by yourself.

The entire album is filled with deep, typical Swedish gloom, and Pehr’s vocals with his characteristic breats technique make it even more attractive, enchanting and dramatically sophisticated. „Atomvinter“ will challenge your inner Apocalypse. The music in this album will make you realize, that you’re starting to adore something, that you haven’t even paid attention to. You didn’t even intend to touch it, but this music has somehow appeared, it has found you and it has impressed you. And you can no longer be without it. „One way in No way out.“

This has happened to me 6 years ago, and „Atomvinter“ is not just my #1 for last year. This album will forever remain in my personal Best Albums Ever Released list.


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